Meet the people who bring the world healthy air solutions from the Nordic forest

When a company is focused on creating ground-breaking solutions that improve health and well-being, it’s no surprise that it attracts idealistic and creative staff.

CabinAir brings healthier air to drivers and passengers in order to achieve its vision of a world where high-performance air quality solutions are standard equipment in all vehicles. It does that by developing and manufacturing active air purification solutions for cars, trucks and other road vehicles as a Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry.

This is an idea inspired by our origins in Sweden, where much of the landscape is covered with trees that help keep the air clean and fresh. Based in Stockholm, we are now an international, fast-expanding team of passionate and committed employees, with factory and R&D in Shenzhen and sales offices in Shanghai and Los Angeles.

Helen Du, our Product Manager for the Chinese aftermarket, says, “I really care about the environment and joined CabinAir because I believe in the idea of ‘healthy air for the ride.’”

Mandy Li, HR Assistant located in Shenzhen, shares Helen’s idealism. “I joined CabinAir simply because of its philosophy,” she says. “Many people live in an unpleasant environment because of the air problem. Joining CabinAir helps me better understand the air environment and reduce air pollution in my everyday life.”

Entrepreneurial attitudes

Being a rapidly growing, entrepreneurial company also draws dynamic, innovative people who want to build something. “I like being in a brand-new company with new blood,” says Cindy Wang, Sourcing & Supply Buyer. “CabinAir is like a newly hatched bird,” she says. “We start to learn to fly, live and to be stronger and better. Since we’re not a big corporation, we’re tightly connected, so it’s easy to cooperate, and the team spirit is great.”

Kevin Xia, Project Leader adds: “Clean air is one of important requirements for a good driving experience, and CabinAir can offer fantastic technical solutions. I like being part of an entrepreneurial company and helping it grow via my efforts and contributions.”

Character drives action

At CabinAir, we believe that relationships are everything. Whether you are a client, an end user or an employee, we apply the same values of thoughtfulness, integrity, and transparency that we value in other people to the way we work together.

Diverse team

The CabinAir team may be drawn together by shared goals, ambitions and values, but they come from far and wide, from different countries and industries.

Nearly all enjoy athletic pursuits whether solo or competitive. The team includes distance runners, kayakers, swimmers, skiers, mountain- and rock-climbers, hikers, and martial artists. We have people who sail, skip rope, play table tennis, basketball, hockey and badminton and catch Pokémons. More contemplative hobbies pursued by team members include yoga, painting, calligraphy and taking road trips. Achievements range from national awards in engineering to one-upping Indiana Jones by overcoming a fear of snakes in one day.